Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Colton!! The big 3

It was that time again....yup birthday party time.  As everyone knows I spend tons of time planning and making stuff for the party.  This year I decided on minions from despicable me.
Here is the invitations I made in photoshop

Here is the envelopes I made in photoshop

 Yum Yum, Cupcakes...... I made the wrappers and circles in photoshop

My mom volunteered to make the cake, she did a great job!!

 Yeah, yeah I know circus peanuts??  But come on, they go with the theme.  I think only maybe 2 people ate them. 

Candy pretzels with blue sprinkles for lipstick tasers.

 I had to make chocolate chip cookies, as everyone knows I would be banned from having parties if I didn't.  I also made a cute little robot with pipe cleaners and some foil.

I just had to buy some donut holes to use as Gru's shrunken moons, I was disappointed Walmart only had the variety pack of donut holes, I was hoping to find just the powder sugar ones.  Oh well, they were still cute!

 I made a word search for the kids.

 Party bags I made

 Who wants some "Minion-ade"?

 Aren't these cute?  I printed out some eyes and folded the napkins all nice.

I bought these cause why not, went with the theme.


The "Happy Birthday Colton" banner I made in photoshop, it's kindof hard to see with the bright snow.

 The snack table.....and made some other cute signs that I hung around the house.

 Here is the contents in each bag.....I made a minion dollar, bookmark, coloring book, Twinkie wrapper, and bought tattoos, noise makers, gummy snacks. This was also the bag to put all of the kids pinata candy in.


 El Macho's Salsa and chips, yum!

Gru's guacamole

 Agne's Caterpillars (cheetos)

 All of the food signs I made in photoshop

 Who wants to play some minion bowling?? I spray painted 2-litter pop bottles and tapes some eyes on them.  The kids had a blast playing.

 Pinata.... Yeah I know, you are thinking, wait this looks store bought.  Well it is, I just ran out of time, I had a plan to make one, but just didn't happen this year.  :(

Clayton drew a minion face on a balloon

 Birthday boy!

Everyone enjoying the taco bar!!

 Pinata time!!!

 Bowling time!!

 Present time!

 Cake time!!

Happy Birthday Colton!! I hope you had a great minion birthday party!! Thanks to everyone that came and enjoyed the party!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fashion Farm

Here are some pictures from the fun that we had at Fashion Farm.

 It was also trick-treating in our housing addition this weekend.